Ceiling Device Mount

Ceiling Device Mount



Sold in sets of 10 per package.
Buy 2 packages for $69.00 each.
Buy 3 packages for $65.00 each.
Buy 4 packages for $62.00 each.
Buy 5 packages for $59.00 each.

The Model CDM-2, Ceiling Device Mount, is designed to be used in a lay-in tile ceiling and will support any electrical or electronic device that mounts to a 2-gang electrical box. If an electrical box is required, a standard 4 inch square electrical box simply attaches to the back or top side of the CDM-2 using the 8-32 screws supplied with the box or for a quicker installation, simply use the nylon push-pins supplied with the Ceiling Device Mount.

In addition, the CDM-2, Ceiling Device Mounts are nestable for convenience and easy storage. They come packed 10 to a carton that weighs 11 pounds and is less than 4 inches in height.

They install quicker than the competition, give them a try!

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