Audio Demarcation System, 4 Circuit, Hi Level

Audio Demarcation System, 4 Circuit, Hi Level



2 Conductor, 4 Point Connectivity
Max Wire Size - 14g
Current Rating - 5 AMP
Voltage Rating - 70.7v
Overall Dimensions: 5.25 x 4.5"
Mounting Holes - 4

The Audio Demarcation System is a unique new concept in prepared wire termination for both IN-RACK and IN-FIELD junction points. By providing serviceable, secure, low resistance, long lasting termination points, systems contractors can realize labor savings without compromise.


  • Removable, locking Phoenix connectors throughout
  • Full board, buss connectivity for passive combining via removable/replaceable shunts
  • Easy in-circuit and out-of-circuit testing capability
  • Expanded ID area that accommodates standard Avery labels
  • Easily mounted in racks and junction boxes
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