The TS-1A TESTSET is a great tool for the background music serviceman, the sound technician, the intercom serviceman, the audio serviceman, and all who service or install any type audio equipment.

The TS-1A TESTSET does not take the place of a scope or analyzer. It is a utility test set that is designed for the person on location where it is not feasible to have such elaborate test equipment.

With a little use, you will learn "what sound" and "how much" to expect at certain points. You can tell a lot about an amplifier just by listening to the "ambient noises" of the amplifier.

Use the TS-1A TESTSET to:

  • Check the output of a pre-amp, amplifier, or intercom.
  • Check the output of a magnetic record player cartridge.
  • Check the progression of a signal through an amplifier.
  • Check the picture output of a closed circuit camera.
  • Check the data on computer lines.
  • Check the "ripple" on a power supply.
  • Use the TS-1A TESTSET to talk on the low impedance or high impedance mic input of an amplifier. You can also talk on the auxiliary input of an amplifier. This means that you can "prove out" the mics, mic lines, and amplifier inputs.

Almost Indestructible!

The TS-1A TESTSET is designed so that it will not be damaged by high D.C. voltage or high A.C. voltage. there is no danger of damage to the TS-1A TESTSET even though you:

  • Touch the leads to a 600 v.d.c. power supply voltage in a large amplifier. You will hear the ripple (if any) of the power supply.
  • Touch the leads to 110 v.a.c., 220 v.a.c., or even 440 v.a.c.!
  • Touch the leads to output of a 500 watt (or larger) amplifier. Even if it was running full volume!
  • Drop it from the top of a 20 foot scaffold. It won't break!

The TS-1A TESTSET is protected from electrical damage by solid state limiting devices that will allow it to function as designed, yet give it positive protection. There is no transmitter element in the mouthpiece. There is a simple sound transducer in the ear piece.

The TS-1A TESTSET will not damage any circuit to which you connect it. All components potted in epoxy to insure prolonged life.

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