Ezy-Load "LARGE"

Ezy-Load   "LARGE"

SKU: EZL-17/36


The EZL-17/36 is the wire reel holder that you'll love when it comes to those heavy reels 36" in diameter or smaller. First, slip the uprights into the sockets of the EZL-17/36. Then slide the rod through the spool. Pull out the retractable handle

Roll the unit right up to the wire reel just like you would a hand truk. The uprights are specially designed to catch the rod and hold it in place as you pull back on the handle.

Dimensions 22" x 32.5" x 2" Weight 26 lbs.

Reel Space 18.5" Largest Reel 36" dia. Uprights (1 Pair) 22"

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